PAPER FOLK is a silly 2D platformer made in an afternoon, play as this paper character across his paper world.



Move and jump with the arrow keys

Interract with the space bar


be nice

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Authordorian beaugendre
Made withConstruct
TagsConstruct 2, ink, inktober, paper, traditional-animation


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the only thing thats bad about this game is that is is so short

There's no ending difference between a friendly, aggressive or neutral run. I like the soundtrack. It all reminds me of the Neverhood.

this game is literally perfect, everything about it is perfect, this is the best game i've ever played

Lots of fun. Thanks :) 




So cute. very fun. good game^^


More levels please, suggestions: More weapons, new monsters, and some more cuteness. 

So cute! I love the art and sounds :) Good job!


I need more of this.

Thanks !!! I'd love to make more levels for it one day :)


I friggin' love this!

Thank you <3


2 short '-'


Considering you made this in just an afternoon this is really good :)


its a really cool game but you should add more levels and make it a little harder. 

Really cool but short


Something is wrong with the game logic. After a certain action they don't even bother to try and kill you. Really short. Looks interesting but it is really flat. If you add more content it may end up something cool.


loving the style!! :D


Thoroughly enjoyed this. Ran into one glitch but that's about it.


hi,good gameee